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  • IngreLife Li-Man Tongkat Ali Capsules 60’s

    Price: $60.00 w/ GST

    IngreLife Li-Man Tongkat Ali Capsules 60’s

    $60.00 w/ GST

    IngreLife Li-Man Tongkat Ali is formulated using extracts from Tongkat Ali and Maca. The product contains high levels of active ingredients that can help improve men’s health significantly, and is a new generation of male health supplement, manufactured using pure plant extracts.

    Key Benefits:

    • Enhances strength and vitality in men
    • Fights fatigue, enhances muscular endurance, counteracts exercise fatigue, boosts immunity
    • Balances male hormone secretion, enhances confidence in men.
    • Promotes blood circulation, enhances masculinity.
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  • IngreLife Man Patency 60s

    Price: $33.00 w/ GST

    IngreLife Man Patency 60s

    $33.00 w/ GST

    Ingrelife Man Patency, mainly composed of rapeseed pollen and Saw Palmetto, is safe and easy to use, and has excellent efficacy on male prostatic disorders.

    Suitable for: Men suffering from diseases such as frequent urination, urgent urination, urine discontinuity, difficulty in stopping urinating, urine dribbling, urine bifurcation and weak urination caused by the prostatic hyperplasia (hypertrophy) or the prostatitis.

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  • Swissoats A111 For Him Caplets 60’s

    Price: $88.00 w/ GST

    Swissoats A111 For Him Caplets 60’s

    $88.00 w/ GST


    • Restore declining physical and mental energy
    • Improve vitality, stamina and endurance
    • Improve alertness and concentration
    • Slow down aging process
    • Promote a stronger immune system and speed up recovery from illness
    • Rich in natural vitamins, minerals & amino acids that are essential to good health

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    VitaFern Vigor Boost For Men 60s

    Price: $33.60 w/ GST

    VitaFern Vigor Boost For Men 60s

    $33.60 w/ GST

    Herbal Based Formulation for Men’s Health

    • Formulated with natural herbs including Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, Damiana Leave, Saw Palmetto & Fenugreek
    • Supports Vigor, Energy & Vitality

    Each Vigor Boost™ capsule contains the optimal combination of herbal formula that helps to support men’s health, vitality, energy and vigour. Vigor Boost™ is the natural choice to a better and healthier you.

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    Expiry: July 2025

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