DermaDivine Collagen with CurQLife 60’s

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DERMADIVINE COLLAGEN supports healthy collagen formation for glowing, plump skin and healthy hair and nails.

Uniquely formulated with Biotin, Vitamin C, CurQLife® and Hyaluronic Acid to support skin hydration, protection and elasticity.

Expiry: 07/2025

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Collagen provides healthy support for skin, joints and other organs. Collagen acts as a cushion that helps absorb the impact on our joints during everyday activities and helps support joint comfort and mobility, allowing you to stay active. Collagen also helps our skin to maintain its radiance, our hair to remain lustrous, and even help prevent dry, brittle nails!  However, the collagen levels in our body decreases as we age and there’s a need to supplement due to inefficient intake from food sources alone.

DERMADIVINE Collagen was formulated to support healthy collagen formation for glowing, plump skin and healthy hair and nails. This formulation supports radiant beauty from the inside out. We combined our DERMADIVINE with Vitamin C to boost collagen in your skin to further extenuate the wonderful benefits of collagen for our skin. We have included our clinically tested Turmeric called CurQLife® in our DERMADIVINE formulation. CurQLife® acts as a protector from the sun as well as help give the skin glow and luster.


  1. Collagen supports beautiful & radiant skin.
  2. Includes Biotin, an important B Vitamin that supports skin and hair health.
  3. Vitamin C to help in healthy collagen construction.
  4. CurQLife® is a powerful antioxidant which acts as a built in anti-oxidant and sun block at the same time.
  5. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates dry skin so that your skin looks and feel more supple.

What is CurQLife®?

CurQLife® is a patented turmeric formulation with extensive clinical trials, showing a 48-fold higher bio-availability (nutrient value is easily absorbed by the human body to take effect) than standard curcuminoids and 10x higher bio-availability than the market leading brand. * CurQLife® patent technology allows for 80% Curcuminoid release at 30 minutes and 95% dissolution within 1 hour. Most other turmeric brands have such a low percentage of absorption that the turmeric is disposed out of the body without use. CurQLife® has been proven to enter the bloodstream and remain for 24 hours at the recommended dosage level. Further, CurQLife® has the highest level of free curcumin entering the bloodstream than any other brand on the market. Why does this matter? If free Curcumin is not entering the bloodstream, the body will not utilize the positive benefits of turmeric.

CurQLife® is a powerful antioxidant and also functions as a sunblock for skin at the same time!

Directions for Use
Adults take one to two capsules daily, preferably with a meal or as directed by your doctor.

Made in USA

Expiry: 07/2025

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