IngreLife Aloe-Vera Plus Anti-Toxic Capsules 60s

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IngreLife Aloe-Vera Plus Benefits include:

  • It helps purge toxins in the body, clear out acne, alleviate pigmentation.
  • It helps enhance elasticity and moisture in skin, benefit to skin health.
  • It helps regulate endocrine, help body get rid of excess fat.
  • It helps up the body’s excretion of harmful toxins.
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IngreLife Aloe-Vera Plus Anti-Toxic Capsules are formulated using specially selected American Curacao aloe vera enhanced with Konjac to help purge toxins and detoxify the body. If taken regularly, it can help to discharge the superficial toxins existing in the bowels, skin and other organs, and also purge the blood, lymph and cells of deep-seated toxins.

Aloe-Vera Plus also supports gastrointestinal health by regulating the digestive system.

Suitable for individuals experiencing functional gastrointestinal disorders, chronic constipation, chronic skin problems (e.g. acne, facial pigmentation, wrinkles) etc.

Not suitable for children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and those with chronic diarrhoea.

Each capsule (300mg) contains:
– Aloe vera refined powder 250mg
– Konjac refined powder 50mg

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 capsule twice daily.

Made in Singapore

Vegetarian Capsule

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