Takamizu Arctic Cool Fever Pads 6’s

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Takamizu Arctic Cool Pads provide Fast Cooling Relief for up to 10 hours.

Instant Cooling Effect for:
– Relief of Fever
– Reducing discomforts caused by Headaches
– Soothing toothaches
– Relaxing sore muscles

Suitable for all ages including infants, children and adults.

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Takamizu Arctic Cool Fever Relief Pads provides instant cooling effect on skin, lasting up to 10 hours.

With its high water content, heat can be absorbed and dissipated away when the pad is applied on the skin.

This gentle formulation is suitable for all ages including infants, children and adults.

How to Use:

Peel away plastic film and attach the pad to desired area on the body (e.g. forehead, armpits and other heat points).

Make sure the skin is dry before use to ensure the pad attaches firmly onto skin.

For single use only – discard when the pad no longer provides any cooling relief.


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