Bactishield Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizer (70% Alcohol) 500ml

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  • Rinse-free
  • Ethanol 70% v/v & Chlorhexidine Gluconate BP 0.5% w/v
  • Fast-acting microbial
  • General antiseptic
  • For infection control
  • Singapore brand

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Bactishield Hand Sanitizer has bactericidal action. This rinse-free disinfecting hand rub contains 70-Percent alcohol and 0.5-Percent Chlorhexidine. 

It also has useful solvent properties and will dissolve most water-insoluble substances.

It does not require rinsing with water, providing extra protection in the control of infection spreading where washing with water is not possible.

This sanitizer is intended for use in acute and sub-acute care facilities, hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, children care centres, beauty salons and health care centres etc.

Direction for use:

Pump sufficient amount of liquid onto palm and spread thoroughly over hands and wrists; rubbing hands vigorously until the liquid dries up.


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